Hello there! We use cookiestuffs and collect data with GoogleAnalytics to improve our findability on the netz! We do not sell your data nor do we collect anything specific to you. If you still don't like it or don't trust us, you're always free to leave! Have a nice day!
Hey you! Yes, I'm talking to YOU!

Welcome to the temporary website of Vintaria - a Vintage Story "LightRP" Server (who would have guessed!?)!

Here you can find basic information and the discord link. you need to join the discord and talk to our Staff to be whitelisted.

Make sure to use your inGame-Name as your Discord Server Nickname! (right-click your name => Edit Server Profile)

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Basic Server Info

  • The server is located in Germany, Central Europe.
  • Official language is english but we permit/encourage villages of other languages - for now. Please don't abuse that! See the handbook for more details on that.
  • RolePlay is encouraged - but we don't require hardcore roleplay. It's more about the classes and civilization simulation than the speech.
  • We have inGame VoiceChat. Please use it - at least to listen for people that talk instead of typing.

What is Vintage Story?

Roughly said, Vintage Story looks like Minecraft, but GamePlay is a lot different. It is more about survival and even has a bit of lore (backstory) you can find strewn about in the game world.

Different youtubers have created videos showcasing Vintage Story. Here is two of those: